How to create a poll

Find out how to create and vote in Recognition polls

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What is a poll?

A poll is a really simple but powerful way of identifying top talent and performers. You provide an open-ended question for employees to vote on. Polls can be used to decide things like employee of the month, and should be used to recognise an individual from your team.

When the poll closes, the person with the most votes is the winner and the result is published in the activity feed. 

How do I create a poll?

From your home page, select the RECOGNITION product to get started. 

In the top left you'll see a sub-menu with three options, Reward, Recognition, and Summary. Select RECOGNITION.

On the left hand side of the page, click CREATE POLL.

This is where it's time to get creative! In the pop up, you'll need to

  1. Give your poll a name. If you're stuck for ideas, select INSPIRE ME – this function provides you with some effective poll questions as exampleS 

  2. Write a description for the poll to explain why it's being run

  3. Pick a trophy for the poll 

  4. Add any relevant company values 

  5. Select the voting period, you can choose from one day, three days, seven days, or a specific end date

  6. Select the sharing settings. You can choose to share the poll to the whole company, or just within a team 

Now you can turn your poll on and let people vote!

How do I vote?

Make your vote count!

Navigate to the polls section, exactly as explained above. 

This time, click CAST YOUR VOTE

Then, simply type in the name of who you'd like to vote for and leave a comment to explain why you're voting for them. 

Click VOTE to submit your vote.

Once your vote has been cast, you can see a live leaderboard with how all the other votes have been spread. If you have not voted, you cannot see the leaderboard.

What happens when the poll closes?

All polls end at 17:00 AEST on your selected end date. The winner will be emailed and the result will be displayed on the recent activity feed.

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