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What is Perkbox reward?

Perkbox reward is a great tool to help you reward your employees for their hard work and strengthen your company's recognition culture. Reward your employees with small or large rewards – from a free coffee to a flight voucher for their next trip.

What rewards can I give?

With Perkbox you have the option to either give your employees a 'Custom Reward' or a Perkbox gift voucher. 

Some companies reward their employees with a 'doona day' or a bottle of champagne.... Through Perkbox, you can let your employee know that they have received a reward and send them a lovely message to go with it. They will receive an email congratulating them with the nice message.

If you choose to use the rewards on the Perkbox platform, simply:

  1. Select RECOGNITION from your home page 

  2. Click the REWARD tab, select your reward and what amount you wish to give 

  3. Type in your star employee's name and select them from the drop down menu, making sure you write a message to tell them why you appreciate their great work

  4. You can also tag some company values that apply, and whether you want the message to be shared publicly or privately

It's really that quick and easy, so go ahead and make someone's day with the ultimate recognition. 

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