Why you should add a reward to a Recognition or Poll winner

Spontaneously adding a reward without having previously announced it is an easy way to surprise and delight your employees - the same way you try to surprise and delight your customers! Because there is no prior expectation, even the smallest of rewards can take the satisfaction of a poll win or recognition to the next level. 

Announcing a bigger reward to incentivise a poll can push some healthy competitive spirit into your employees for larger occasions.

How to add a reward

To add a reward to a recognition or poll, you simply need to click the gift box icon underneath the post in your activity feed 🎁 This can be either for a poll winner or for a recognition.

From there, you can choose from a dropdown menu of options from gift cards to coffee vouchers.

You can choose how much money to add to your voucher, and then click PAY and ADD REWARD.

Reward your employees today to motivate, improve engagement and morale in the team!

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