Inside your Insights platform as the Admin, you have access to a whole world of data analytics. We have built simple reporting tools to help you interpret the data.

Your Employee Engagement score 

From your home page;

  2. Filter the report using the drop down's for 'Period', 'Team' and 'Driver' 
  3. Select CREATE AND VIEW REPORTS to view and download PDF reports

🔥 Tip: Click on the small arrow under the middle line to display your Employee engagement score over time.

Create, view and download

  1. Filter by 'Survey', 'Period', 'Team' and 'Driver'
  3. View all created reports below

Insights Heat Map

Your company's heat map is a way to quickly identify the key areas that need improvement. On the flip side, it also shows you the areas you're doing really well. Your results are broken down by Team and Key Driver

As your results come in after each survey, your heat map will adjust accordingly. 

If you select SHOW on the top right hand corner, you can see the exact % change in the score from the last survey. 

Dive into the Question Stats

As soon as you have sent out your first survey, you will be able to see your results broken down by Key Driver > Questions.

Find out how your teams really feel

After the initial 4 randomised questions on the Employee Engagement survey, your employees have the opportunity to give some written feedback about a Key Driver of their choice. 

🔥 Tip: You can 'filter' the comments by the smiley face in the left hand-side and you can also 'bookmark' comments into folders to group and discuss them in a particular meeting. 

If you have any questions about Perkbox Insights reporting, please get in touch at

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