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Instant digital voucher explainer
Instant digital voucher explainer

Find out how to use your digital voucher

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We have a whole range of redemption methods on Perkbox. 

One of our most popular is the Instant digital voucher. 

Why is it great? Well... you can use it on top of any in-store or online discounts, it works just like cash.

How to redeem

  1. Click GET THIS PERK

  2. Select the value of your Digital Gift Card

  3. Your discount is applied when you purchase your Digital Gift Card e.g. choose a Digital Gift Card worth $100, and you’ll only pay $95

4.  Once you pay for your Digital Gift Card, it will be displayed instantly; we will also email your Digital Gift Card to you
5.  To spend your Digital Gift Card in store, simply present it at the till or online

If you have any questions, get in touch with our team at 

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