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How to Recognise your colleagues
How to Recognise your colleagues

Give your colleagues a shout out

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When did you last get recognised by a colleague? Bet it felt great. Why not spread that joy by sending a recognition on Perkbox today. 

You can access Recognition via your desktop or our app

Your homepage will look a little something like this:

There are a number of actions for you to take from here.

Check out your Open polls on the left hand-side and CAST YOUR VOTE - You won't be able to see who has been voted for until you vote.

  1. Select the colleague you want to vote for

  2. Let them know why you have chosen them


Why not 'Recognise someone' and make their day. We've made this super easy, check out how to below:

  1. Select who you wish to recognise from the drop down list

  2. Write a little note to let them and the team know why they are being recognised

  3. Tag your company values that they represent (if you fancy)

  4. Choose who you share this with; Everyone, our teams or privately

  5. Send the recognition ❤️️

Recognising a colleague for helping out or going the extra mile is a simple act that is sure to make someone's day – and over time, it will make your business a happier place to work.
So log into Perkbox and make someones day. 


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