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When to create a custom survey

Creating a custom survey is useful for digging deeper into the insights you receive from your regular employee engagement survey. Say you receive particularly interesting, vague, or completely opposite responses from your employees, you can create a custom survey with more specific wording, or questions that are unique to your organisation.

How to create a custom survey

  1. From your home page, click on INSIGHTS

  2.  Select the CREATE NEW SURVEY button on the top right hand side of the page 


  4. You can choose the name of the survey. If you make this super simple it will increase the response rate.

  5. Create your own questions/statements to get feedback on something specific. Your employees answer between 'Strong agree' to 'Strongly disagree' so asking positive questions/writing positive statements will give clear answers.

  6. You can edit the whole body of the email to make it personal to you and your employees. Make sure to let your employees know why it's important they fill this out and how it will benefit them.

  7. Choose who you want to send your survey to – this could be just one team, or the whole company

From here, you can either save the survey as a draft, send an example survey to yourself or another admin, or launch!

Examples of Custom Surveys

If you have received a low score across the board for say... Communication, you might want to address this with a new initiative. Communication is something that a lot of companies struggle to get the balance right with. 

A few ideas for improving communication across the business might include:

  • A Monday morning update from the leadership team on any big changes in the business

  • A Friday newsletter keeping the staff informed of important information about the business, perhaps there has been something going on this week that has caused a stir

  • A tea and cake morning with the whole business to allow teams to collaborate 

  • Transparency with the Insights results - sharing the heat map with the team, identifying the key areas for improvement and making clear actions

Whatever the root cause of the breakdown in communication, showing your teams that you're acting on their feedback will have a really positive impact. 

Custom surveys can be used to get snapshot feedback to see if your new initiative has been successful. For example:

Another example for a Custom survey might be to get snapshot feedback about an event/training session. If you have received a lower score for Learning and Development you might want to try some training/implementing some software. 

Some ideas for improving learning and development across the company might be:

  • Running some internal training sessions 

  • Implementing a new piece of training software 

  • Bringing in an external trainer to run some sessions across the teams 

  • Have a company wide session to understand where the gaps are 

Custom surveys can be used to get snapshot feedback to see if your new initiative has been successful. For example:

See a few more custom survey examples with sample questions you can use in your organisation to get you started.

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