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Tips on how to include Perkbox in your job ads

Written by Ben Leeds
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It's a tough crowd out there. Whether you're hiring waitresses, lawyers, pet food testers or aeronautical engineers, you'll be up against competition. 

And guess what? Simply raising hiring salaries to race to the top won't cut the mustard anymore. Oh no. That crowd out there is looking for more than money - they want fulfilment, good managers and flexible working conditions. But most of all, they want to work for a business that cares about them. 

The good thing is, you've got this department covered. 

To make it super simple for you to show off to the world, we've put together a short snippet about Perkbox that you can copy and paste into your job ads. 

As someone famous (we're not actually sure who) once said:  "If you've got it, flaunt it."

(Feel free to edit as you see fit - we won't be offended.)

To us, our people are the most important thing. We work day in, day out, to make sure they're looked after, listened to, and rewarded.

That's why we bought the team at <Company name> Perkbox!

100+ exclusive discounts and freebies
- A free lunch every month
- A free Messina gelato every month
- Free access to Aura - for all your meditation and wellness needs
- Free access to thousands of bestselling books in bitesize via Blinkist
- Super cheap cinema tickets
- Big discounts on holiday flights and accommodation
- Best in market gym rates
- Discounts on groceries at Coles and Woollies

Your voice heard
- We run frequent anonymous surveys to listen to our team and make improvements based on your feedback.

Your work recognised
- We reward great output and awesome work ethic, and encourage you to do the same by shouting out and thanking teammates.

This is all accessible via the mobile app, so you can take it wherever you go.

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