Hiding perks

How to remove specific perks from employees' view

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You might not want every perk available through Perkbox to be known or used by your employees. Whether it's a competitor's discount, or a product that doesn't align with your organisations values, it's completely up to you to leave or hide perks. 

Hiding a perk is a simple process. To get started, click ADMIN from the home page then follow these steps;

  1. Click MY APPS

  2. If Perks is not already selected, click PERKS

  3. Click CHANGE next to Perk visibility

A new screen will appear with a list of all available perks. You can choose to filter the perks by category or see all individual perks. 

Use the toggle on the right hand side to turn off any perks you do not want your team to see. By default, all perks are turned on.

When you're done you can click the X in the top right hand corner to exit the list.

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