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Adding your company benefits to Perkbox
Adding your company benefits to Perkbox

Got pre-existing perks and benefits? Here's how to add them to Perkbox

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You can add any of your own company perks to Perkbox to keep everything perks and benefits related neatly in the same place. No more will you have employees emailing you asking how to get a hold of that cycle to work reimbursement program or how to get a key to the end of trip facilities!

The perks or benefits you add can take any shape, meaning they can be a link to an external website or form, they can just be text with instructions on who to email, or any other type of perk you might need.

To add your own perks or benefits, click ADMIN from your home page.

  1. Click MY APPS

  2. If Perks is not already selected, click PERKS

  3. Click ADD next to Your company benefits

From here, a new screen will appear. There are three steps to putting in your new perk. In the first step you will need to input;

  • The name of the perk or benefit

  • The value of the perk and savings unit (this is optional)

  • An image to represent the perk

Click CONTINUE once you've filled this out. On the next page, you'll be asked for 

  • A description of the perk or benefit

  • Any relevant contact information (this is where you can post a link or email)

  • Important info, here you can enter multiple pieces of information such as requirements or conditions

Click CONTINUE to go to the final step. 

Enter the step by step process to redeem the perk or benefit. You can add as many steps as necessary to make sure there's no misunderstandings or confusing directions as to how to get the perk. 

Click SAVE to submit the perk. The screen to add a perk will automatically close after confirming you have saved the perk successfully. 

To find the perk you just added, click EXIT ADMIN and navigate to Perks from your home page. 

You will be able to find the perk you just added in the New perks lane, as well as in the [your company] benefits lane. 

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