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Who has what level of access to Perkbox

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When we talk about the people who use Perkbox, we usually refer to them in one of three groups; admins, managers, and users.ย 


Admins have the highest level of access to Perkbox. They can view and create reports on how much Perkbox is being used by everyone in the organisation, what the most popular perks are and how Recognition is being used.


Admins are able to give special abilities to managers, such as;

  • Start a poll

  • Attach a reward to a poll

  • Manage their team (can move users from one team to another)

Each of these abilities can be turned on or off by an admin.ย 


Users are your employees who simply have access to Perkbox itself. They can redeem perks, vote in polls, recognise peers, comment on others' recognitions, and answer pulse surveys.

To change someone's access levels, first click ADMIN from your home page. You should already be on the People tab and have a list of all your users in front of you. Either use the search bar or scroll to find the person whose access you're looking to change.

Once you've found the profile you're looking for, click the VIEW button to the right of their name.
From the popup that appears, click EDIT DETAILS. Here, you can change a number of details on the profile, such as name, what team they're in, and their contact details. Select the access level drop down list to change a user's access level.

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