For companies

Insights is an anonymous pulse survey tool that allows you to collect regular, honest, and actionable feedback from your employees.

Insights comes with a ready-to-use question library written by industry leaders to tackle the 10 key drivers of employee engagement. These 10 key drivers have been identified by behavioural psychologists and leading companies as the most useful measurements for employee engagement. 

Results can be viewed by team and location. As all responses are anonymous, any teams with less than five people will not show results to protect that anonymity. 

We have built in a handy reporting tool so you can easily view results. Personally, we really love the heatmap which allows you to quickly measure trends and identify strengths and weaknesses in each team.  

💡If you don't yet have Insights, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

For employees

Insights is a pulse survey tool that allows you to share your anonymous feedback on what's working and what's not at your company. 

Depending on how your company chooses to set it up, you receive just a few questions every two to four weeks. 

The first four questions of your survey are based on a strongly agree to strongly disagree scale, and the final question is an open text response that allows you to write a comment and link it to an area of the business. 

The final question is a great opportunity for you to bring up timely issues or give a compliment to something that's gone well but not received much recognition! This is truly your chance to have your voice heard so utilise it. 📣 

Don't forget the surveys are all anonymous - really!

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