Insights survey was built to give employees a voice and yet we hear our customers saying their team are not participating in the survey. 

Here are our top 4 tips to get your team answering their surveys:

1. Tell them it's anonymous

For some employees, providing constructive feedback is difficult and confronting. We get this, that's why we've created Insights to be anonymous so they have a safe place where they can provide their honest feedback without worrying about management or what other people think. In fact, the survey is so anonymous that even Perkbox employees don't know who has answered the surveys.

Share this article around the anonymity of Insights.

2. Explain why it's important

While management understands the importance of Insights, many team members may not know the context and the reason why it's so important. Explain to your team why you want their feedback, which is to make your organisation an even better place to work for everyone.

Send an email or reminder to the team the day the Employee Engagement survey is supposed to go out. Here's a sample email you can use:

Hey everyone,

This afternoon you'll get your Employee Engagement survey from Perkbox.

Insights is a pulse survey tool that allows you to share your anonymous feedback on what's working and what's not at <company name>. You're going to get this survey regularly every <2> weeks on <Thursday>.

The first four questions of your survey are based on a strongly agree to strongly disagree scale, and the final question is an open text response that allows you to write a comment and link it to an engagement driver.

The final question is a great opportunity for you to bring up timely issues or give a compliment to something that's gone well but not received much recognition! Be as detailed and specific as you can so we can take your feedback on board and do something about it. This is truly your chance to have your voice heard so utilise it. The surveys are all anonymous (really!) so please feel comfortable sharing your honest thoughts.

Watch our 1-min Insights video >

Insert this video:

Watch our 1-min Insights video

Surveys are anonymous

3. Tell them it takes less than 2 minutes to do

We've made Insights survey so easy and super quick to do, there shouldn't be any excuse for them not to do it. If you hear your team members saying "I don't have time do it", then when you next have your regular team catch-up, set aside 5 mins in your agenda for Perkbox. Get the team to fill in their Insight survey then and there. Remember that they can answer their survey via their email, app or desktop - whatever is most convenient!

4. Show that you're listening and actioning feedback

There's nothing worse than asking for your team's feedback and not do anything about it. It's super important to demonstrate to your team that you've looked at their feedback by taking a screenshot of your Insights heat map, sharing that with the whole organisation and create an action plan for your key areas of focus (download your template here). This transparency helps the team understand that you're taking their feedback seriously and making efforts to improve. 

5. Set up reminders in your team communications channel

If you use an internal communication channel such as Slack, you can create automated reminders. This takes less than 1 min to set up.

Here's an example you can use for Slack. The [ ] are variables to represent the "channel" you would like to post the alert in, your "company name" and also "when" you send your survey.

/remind [#general] 

:alert: This weeks's pulse survey has just been sent.

Take a couple of minutes to share your feedback on what's working and what's not at [COMPANY_NAME], so we can focus on creating a work environment we're all proud to be part of.


every [Tuesday morning]

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