There's always a reason why your staff may not be redeeming their perks so understanding the 'why' is crucial to ensure Perkbox is a success in your business. Often time, their reasons are misplaced and aren't correct!

In this article, we'll explore a few myths we hear from our customers and what you can do to debunk these myths.

Myth 1: Gift cards are a hassle to redeem

People think gift cards are a hassle because they need to redeem it ahead of time. Knowing how much to redeem and keeping track of the balance can also be tricky.

Myth Busters

In actual fact, gift cards are one of the easiest perks to redeem and it only forms about 30% of our total redemption mechanics. With the Perkbox app, as long as you have an internet connection, you can buy gift card on the spot at checkout once you know how much your purchase amounts to. 

If it's for something that you regularly use, such as Woolworths / Coles gift cards, it's better to buy a larger amount and draw down on the balance. Once it's all used up, mark the perk as used in your app. 

You can also explore other apps that may help to keep track of your gift card balance. For example, Woolworths has a Money app (iOS & Android) where you upload your gift card details and it'll keep track of all the transactions you've made and the balance. 

90% of our digital gift cards are now custom value. This means you can input the exact dollar value you need so remembering balances or working out the different voucher combinations required are a thing of the past.  

Myth 2: There aren't many perks I'm interested in

We hear our customers saying their team members don't see perks they want to redeem or they're not engaging with it.

Myth Busters

Our partnership with Entertainment Book Frequent Values gives Perkbox members 20% off their bills from thousands of restaurants all over Australia. We also have hundreds of exclusive national perks that are not available in open market. 

When we hear this comment, it's usually because the team hasn't really explored the many perks available on the platform. Share these posters or put them up in shared areas as a visual reminder of Perkbox. If they're wanting a perk that's not currently on the platform, drop us a note and our Partnership team will try their best to source them.

Create a dedicated channel for Perkbox in your team communications such as Slack, Yammer, Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams, etc and incentivise team members to share their Perkbox experience. Even better if you can nominate someone in your team as a Perkbox Champion to drive this. As they are a trusted peer, your team is more likely to relate to your Champion’s experiences of the platform, rather than any third party influences. 

One of our customers in the Healthcare industry has a team of about 31 people and their staff are often with their customers so they’re not at their desk. They have a Perkbox Champion who has a 5 min spot in their regular team meetings who shares her Perkbox experience with the team and recommends what perks to get. This has helped to keep Perkbox top of mind with the team redeeming an average of 3 perks per person per month. Read more about creating Perkbox Champions in your workplace.

Myth 3: I'm always out and about so have no chance to use Perkbox

Team members who often are out on the road, not office-based or are not at their desk may struggle engaging with Perkbox.

Myth Busters

The awesome thing about Perkbox is that everything can be done via the app (download it here: iOS & Android). 

Using the app means they can still access their Perks wherever they are and redeem discount codes & gift card vouchers on the spot at checkout. All of their redeemed perks are stored in the My Perks section so they can access it anytime, anywhere. 

They can also browse for Restaurants & Dining offers near them and score 20% off. Eventually, all of our perks will also be reflected in the map so we’ll let you know when this feature is available.

The perks on our platform can also be shared with their friends and families and are not limited to work. In fact we really encourage this - with cinema tickets, shopping vouchers and the Restaurant & Dining offers, our perks help to foster a great work life balance. 

Many of our perks are nation-wide and not limited to specific locations, so no matter where they are, they can still use Perks. Remind the team to check out their Perkbox app first to see if they can get further discounts before they buy anything or whenever they’re out and about doing their errands and shopping.

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