Once your team starts answering their Employee Engagement survey, you get a heatmap that looks like this... giving you an insight into what your organisation is doing well and which areas require improvement. 

In this article, we'll explore a few common key drivers that often get lower scores and a few ideas on what you can do to help improve those drivers.

1. Communication

Good communication is the oil that keeps the engine of your organisation running smoothly. When communication isn't at their best, team members feel lost as there are no clear direction, customer suffers from sup-par service and poor quality product and productivity is adversely impacted. 

Here are a few initiatives you can implement in your organisation to improve communication. Depending on the nature of your business and how your team operates, some initiatives work better than others so trial a few that you think would be most suitable for your team. 

  • Weekly or monthly business update from the leadership team. For remote workers, use a tool like Zoom so everyone can dial into the update. Organise it in advance and put it in everyone's calendar so the team can organise their schedule to attend
  • Use a digital notice board to announce any updates such as private Facebook group, Yammer, Intranet or you can use Perkbox culture hub. Culture hub is a free feature on your Perkbox homepage - it's the first thing that your team sees and can be accessed via the Perkbox app as well. Speak to your Customer Success Manager if you would like this feature on your platform
  • Regular breakfast / morning tea / afternoon tea sessions that allow team to come together and collaborate
  • Implement digital team communication tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Happeo or Zoho Cliq to connect your team wherever they are. This is especially important if you have remote workers to ensure they feel like part of the team. Read our blog on how to support remote and offsite workers.

Read more on our communication tips.

2. Recognition & Reward

Recognition and reward is so much more than paying your team fairly for the work they do. Words of appreciation from managers and peers are very powerful in keeping an employee engaged. Recent study says that 79% of respondents who quit their jobs cite lack of appreciation as their main reason for leaving and 83% said recognition for contributions is more fulfilling than any rewards & gifts. 

Thankfully, this is what Perkbox is all about. Read our top tips to create a Recognition culture in your organisation.

3. Learning & Development

According to Gartner’s Q3 Global Talent Monitor in Nov 2019, the top 2 reasons why people leave are due to lack of respect and no learning & development opportunities. If your score is on the low side, that's a clear sign from the team that they're hungry to learn and develop. 

All of your team members have free access to Magpie - a personalised learning platform from a wide variety of sources such as Harvard Business Review, TED talk, BBC and Forbes. One of our customers would even personally recommend any topics that he thinks his team may enjoy and be interested in. This has satisfied his team's learning hunger and also increase Perkbox engagement. Read more about Nathan's success story from Define Fitness here.

If you're on our Learning & Wellness or Premium package, your team would also get a premium subscription to Blinkist for free - an app that lets you read from thousands of non-fiction books in 15 min snippets, allowing the team to learn quickly and explore a myriad of topics they're interested in. Create a Blinkist Book Club to give the team an opportunity to share their learnings and most importantly, brings the team together.

Other ideas you can implement and trial in your organisation:

  • Host a lunch brown bag session where team members bring their own lunch and someone internally can share about a particular topic of interest or call someone in externally for team to learn together
  • Set aside a budget for Learning & Development and allow team to go on a course of their choice, attends conferences or meet-ups
  • Allow study or learning day where you're giving your team members a free day to learn. You can ask them to share what they've learnt with the wider business in one of the lunch brown bag session :) 

You can also create a custom survey to deep dive into key drivers that need improvement or to measure the initiatives you've implemented.

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