Every day we hear more and more people getting diagnosed with COVID-19. Large events are being cancelled, schools are being shut and employees are being encouraged to work remotely. We're not medical experts so we're not going to tell you about hand hygiene, mask wearing or asking you to refrain from touching your face. 

However, we do want to support your team and your organisation as a whole, so we've put together a few practical tips to minimise disruption to your business and still encourage your team to use Perkbox. 

1. Support your remote and offsite workers

There are plenty of resources you can read to support your remote workers. We hope these articles can help you and your team:

Feel free to share these materials with your team or other organisations who may need some support!

2. Make the team feel connected with Recognition and Insights


Working remotely means team loses that face to face connection, so it's important to keep peers connected. Put in effort to recognise and appreciate your team and encourage your team to also recognise their peers during these tough times, ensuring visibility across teams when they're not sitting with each other and seeing each other every day. 

Create a fun poll to boost team morale and keep positive vibe all around. We just did one for "Best Dressed" when we do our daily Zoom team meeting.


Between major organisational change, isolation, and adapting to new schedules, it’s more important than ever to give your employees a voice to channel their honest thoughts. There’s also a real potential for communication and collaboration to drop and for team members to feel isolated. 

So if you've never used a custom survey before, now is the time to give it a go. Create a custom survey to understand how your employees are feeling and what support they need during this uncertain time. 

Here are some questions you could be asking the team:

  • I feel <company> is looking after my wellbeing during this time
  • I have the resources I need to deliver a high performance
  • I feel connected to my peers and team 
  • I understand <company>'s plan and strategic direction during this time
  • I'm being informed about what's happening with the business
  • I have a clear understanding of what is expected of me when I'm working remotely
  • I feel positive and optimistic about <company>

3. Use Perks to their advantage

Here are the top Perks that your team can use where ever they are:

  • Boxx - everyone in your team gets access to Boxx for free. Seeing that many gyms are shut temporarily, this online fitness app will help them to stay fit in the safety of their home.
  • Calm - life is stressful enough as it is and this current situation doesn't help. If you're on our Premium or Learning & Wellness package, your team has premium access to Calm. Give your team mindfulness and help them to cope during this stressful time. 
  • Magpie - your team's learning doesn't have to stop even if they're not at work. Magpie is another free perk that offers a personalised learning from a wide variety of sources such as Harvard Business Review, TED talk, BBC and Forbes. If you're on our Learning & Wellness or Premium package, your team would also get a premium subscription to Blinkist for free - an app that lets you read from thousands of non-fiction books in 15 min snippets, allowing the team to learn quickly and explore a myriad of topics they're interested in.
  • Vitable - Get a free health assessment and personal recommendation based on your health goals, lifestyle and diet, then receive 30 daily personalised packs of vitamins & supplements at your doorstep! As a Perkbox member, you get 25% off your subscription.
  • Woolworths / Coles - there's no need to fight over toilet paper or go to the shops to do their groceries. Order groceries online and score 5% off with Woolies and Coles digital gift cards. 
  • ASOS / The Iconic - the weather is getting cooler so you really need to buy that new jacket, right? Don't hit the shopping malls, do online shopping instead. Save 11% with ASOS and 15% with The Iconic.
  • Kayo - nothing beats live sports events, but if they don't want to face the crowds, stream over 50 sports, live and on-demand with Kayo Sports. With Perkbox, they get 7% off Kayo subscriptions.
  • Priceline - stock up on sanitisers, hand soaps, vitamins and medicines with Priceline and get a further 7% off. They do a free delivery for orders over $50. 

There are plenty more perks your team can enjoy so make sure they check the app. If they haven’t already, get your team to download the Perkbox app (iOS & Android) and check out the perks they can use from the safety of their home featured under  ‘Stay healthy at home’.

4. Use Perkbox Culture Hub as a centralised communication tool

Culture hub is a free feature on your Perkbox homepage - it's the first thing that your team sees when they log into Perkbox, and it acts like a digital notice board. It's fully customisable with drag and drop capabilities where you're able to upload your own images / videos and link out to any web pages. This could come in handy as a single point of truth to host any new policies related to remote or flexible working and also for any COVID-19 update. 

Speak to your Customer Success Manager if you would like this feature to be turned on in your platform and read how Perkbox can help during this uncertain time.

We're all in this together :) 

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