Culture hub is a free feature on your Perkbox homepage - it's the first thing that your team sees when they log into Perkbox, and it acts like a digital notice board where you can keep a centralised communication hub or single point of truth for any company-wide policies and updates. 

It's fully customisable with drag and drop capabilities, and you can also upload your own images / videos and link out to any web pages. It's best for organisations who don't have an intranet or centralised communication page. Speak to your Customer Success Manager if you would like this feature to be turned on on your platform. 

Tips to create a great Culture Hub:

  1. Culture hub is best used as a portal that links somewhere else. Even though it could ‘host’ images, ideally it’s always linked to another page but it brings everything together in one page.

  2. Design your own banners so it looks fully customised to your brand.

  3. Include everything related to your people - anniversaries/bday calendars, photo gallery, culture & values, KPIs & data, announcement, link to their HR info, etc.

Here are a few examples on how we've been using Culture Hub and how our customers have been using it as well.



QPL Rural

Best Employment

Estee Lauder

Publicis Groupe

LGIA Super


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