Free perks reminder email

A sample email copy to remind the team to redeem their free perks

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Hey XX,

Looks like you haven't redeemed your free perks from Perkbox. As a reminder, here are the free perks:

<Delete as appropriate. If you're unsure which free perks are in your package, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.>

Download the Perkbox app: iOS and Android to redeem your free perks.

<For Food & Drink / Premium package>

Don't forget to also download the Hey you (iOS & Android) and Messina app (iOS & Android) to redeem your free lunch & gelato.

Set a reminder to redeem your monthly lunch and gelato from Perkbox even if you don't use it right away. Once you get the voucher code from Perkbox and redeem it in the Hey You and Messina app, the $10 Hey You credit stacks and doesn't expire and with Messina, you can stack up to 6 scoops and it's valid for a year.

Enjoy your perks!



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