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Pre-launch email to the team

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Hello everyone,

To us, our people are the most important thing. You've worked hard and we want to reward you.

That's why we're giving you Perkbox - an employee engagement platform, giving you access to hundreds of exclusive national perks to help you with your financial, mental and physical wellbeing (yay!! 🎊)

To top it off, you're also getting <6> free Perks: Boxx, Magpie, Blinkist

Aura, Messina & free lunch. Make sure you download the app (iOS and Android) and redeem these free perks! 😍

As part of this, you're also getting access to Recognition.

Recognition is a place for you to recognise your peers and be recognised. The next time you see your colleague doing something awesome, give them a Recognition and the whole company can celebrate along with you! πŸŽ‰

You'll get access to Perkbox on <launch date> - keep an eye out on your inbox for a welcome email, inviting you to Perkbox.

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