It's World Teacher's Day on 5 October so it's a great opportunity to promote Learning & Development tools available to the team and what's available through Perkbox.

According to Gartner’s Q3 Global Talent Monitor in Nov 2019, the top 2 reasons why people leave are due to lack of respect and no learning & development opportunities. So, it's important to support your teams on their learning journey.

If you have something internal that could further support the team's L+D, include them here too!

Week 1: Invite people to your Blinkist Book Club (even over Zoom!)

Blinkist is a free perk available in our Premium or Learning & Wellness package. If you're wanting to support your team's ongoing learning with Blinkist, speak to your Customer Success Manager. Otherwise, jump to Week 2 and treat that as your Week 1.

People's learning capacity and interest varies so it's great to bring those differences together into a Blinkist Book Club, creating a rich environment for team members to learn from each other and giving them an opportunity to learn something they may not be interested before. It also has the added benefit of bringing the team together (even for remote teams).

This club is great to run in small sessions or individual teams, or you may want to open it up to bring cross-department teams interacting more with each other. Read our blog on how to run a Blinkist Book Club.

Here's an email you can send to invite people to this awesome club:

Hi everyone, 

To help support your own Learning & Development, we'll be running a virtual Blinkist Book Club.

Regardless of genre, reading is a great way to relax, reduce stress, broaden your insights and learn new things that will equip you with the knowledge you need in order to thrive in many environments. There is such a strong correlation between success in the business world and reading.

Blinkist is one of your free perks from Perkbox - it's an app that takes thousands of nonfiction books and breaks them down into “blinks”, which are summarised key messages that can be read or listened to in 15 minutes or less.

Every week, for the month of October, we'll choose a Blinkist book for the club to read or listen to (don't worry - it'll only take you 15 minutes!) and share your thoughts or what you've learnt in our sessions.

If you're interested to join, accept the calendar invite with Zoom details that's coming your way soon.

See you there!
<sender's name>

Poster to attach to this email: Blinkist

Week 2: Recommend specific Magpie content for the team

There are tons of great content within Magpie and one great way to support your team's learning and development is to recommend contents for them to watch or read. If they've never accessed them before, this is a great time to kick start their Magpie journey.

One of our customers personally recommend any topics that he thinks his team may enjoy and be interested in. This has satisfied his team's learning hunger and also increase Perkbox engagement. Read more about Nathan's success story from Define Fitness here.

Hi everyone,

What do Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey have in common? They all follow the 5-hour rule. Five hours per week of deliberate learning, no matter how busy they are.

With Perkbox, you get a free premium access to Magpie to help your ongoing learning and development.

Magpie is a learning platform that matches the right learning to the right learner. Using a clever chat function, you get personalised recommendations simply by answering a few questions. Featuring videos, podcasts and articles centred around your role, sector and career goals from a wide array of sources such as Harvard Business Review, TED talks, BBC and Forbes.

Some of Perkbox favourites to get you started (or if you have your favourites, drop them here and share it with your team):
- The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain:
- How to Collaborate Effectively If Your Team Is Remote:
- The Art of Innovation by Guy Kawasaki:
- The Surprisingly Logical Minds of Babies:

<sender's name>

Poster and video to attach to the email: Magpie video, Magpie

Week 3: Organise a lunch 'n' learn or Brown Bag session

In any teams, there's going to be a wide variety of experience and knowledge that each team member brings to the table.

Host a lunch brown bag session where team members bring their own lunch and someone internally can share about a particular topic of interest or call someone in externally for team to learn together.

You could also find a relevant TED talk or webinar and book it in in everyone's diary and they can attend if they're interested.

Hi everyone

We're going to be hosting a lunch 'n' learn session on <Wednesday, 14 October at 12pm>.

Zoom details:

See you there!

Week 4: Check out discounts from Busuu, General Assembly, 42 courses, The Economist, Fiverr Learn

Encourage your team to manage their own learning and development. This should empower them to build their skills and knowledge in areas that interest them, which would give them a better sense of satisfaction and achievement.

One way that businesses can support their team members with this is to allocate a specific L+D budget or most importantly dedicated learning time during work hours - it could be as little as an hour a week or a month to study days.

Hi everyone, 

Perkbox gives discounts on many other learning platforms such as Busuu, General Assembly, 42 courses, The Economist, Fiverr Learn.

To support you on your learning journey, you'll get a dedicated learning time during work hours - speak to your manager and block an hour in your diary. If what you're learning directly helps with your role here, we'll cover 50% of your course cost. Please speak to your manager / People team.

Busuu - 50% off
Learn a new language with Busuu and get 50% off premium subscriptions, which will give you access to real conversations with native speakers, personalised study plans and offline mode.

General Assembly - 30% off
GA offers training and assessments in software engineering, data science, and digital marketing. With Perkbox, you get 30% off short form class and workshops. If you've been wanting to learn very in-demand digital skills, check them out.

42 courses - 20% off
42courses is an online learning platform like no other. Each short course plays like a game, mixing videos, images and stories to create a compelling way to learn. Lessons are split into digestible chunks, so you can pick up your learning whenever and wherever it suits you!

The Economist - 15% off + 15,000 Qantas points
Get your essential weekly guide to events happening around the world, giving you key analysis on current affairs, politics, economics, business, science, technology and more.

Fiverr Learn - 30% off any course
Fiverr Learn offers professional online courses led by the world's top experts. The courses cover a wide range of topics including Digital Marketing, Design & Branding, Adobe CC, Storytelling, SEO and much more.

<sender's name>

Poster to attach to the email: Learning & Development perks, Learning & Development poster 2, Learning & Development poster 3

Week 5: Understand what your team thinks about the company's L+D program and who in the team is the Knowledge Bearer

Create a custom survey to help you do this. These are some questions you could be asking:

  • <Company> encourages and supports my development

  • I learned something new via <Magpie, Blinkist, Busuu, General Assembly, etc>

  • I enjoyed attending the Blinkist Book Club

  • I enjoyed sharing knowledge with my peers

  • I would like a regular session like this one

  • The things I learnt helped me to grow personally and professionally

  • More sessions like this are crucial to my development

  • I appreciate a dedicated learning time for me during work hours

  • If we don't do more sessions like this, I may leave the organisation

This week, you can also run a Recognition poll to celebrate those people who's constantly learning and happy to share that knowledge with other people in the team.

The Knowledge Bearer: Who in the team is always willing to share their knowledge and ready to teach us something new? You always have a valuable interaction with them and learn a thing or two after every conversation.

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