Did you have an impressive launch but feel like the team may have forgotten about Perkbox? Perhaps other responsibilities have fallen in the way and Perkbox has been put on the back burner? We totally get it, which is why we've come up with some emails for you to re-engage your staff with Perkbox.

Need a refresher yourself? Have a good read of our Manager's Manual to remember why you signed up with us in the first place!

Email 1

Subject line: Do you remember Perkbox?

Hi everyone,

I've just spoken to the guys at Perkbox and they've sent me some great information about what is available to us all.

Here's our Perkbox platform: https://<domain-name>.perkbox.com <if you're unsure about your domain name, check with your Customer Success Manager>

If you haven’t looked at Perkbox for a while, I wanted to send you a refresher email to show you the platform and how to use it.

<Choose the videos that are relevant to your package. If you're unsure, check with your Customer Success Manager>

I recommend downloading the app (iOS and Android) as it makes browsing perks super easy and the app will send you notifications about updates. If you need help setting up your Perkbox account, please let me know.

This is a really exciting platform for us to use so make sure to take a look at it for yourselves.


<sender's name>

Email 2

Subject line: Did you know you can get 5% off Woolies & Coles?

Hi everyone,

I thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the Perks on offer through your Perkbox account. I’ve picked out 5 perks to get you started but let me know if you have found any others!

  • Save 5% at Woolies & Coles for your weekly shops

  • Save up to 30% with Secure Parking

  • Save 20% on any Fitbit products

  • Save up to 10% with Apple and up to 25% off with Samsung

  • Save 15% with The Iconic or 11% with ASOS for your shopping spree

Here's our Perkbox platform: https://<domain-name>.perkbox.com if you want to check out the hundreds of perks you have access to.<if you're unsure about your domain name, check with your Customer Success Manager>


<sender's name>

Email 3

Subject line: Have you redeemed your FREE perks yet?

Hi everyone,

Did you know that you get <X> free perks from Perkbox?

<Delete as appropriate. If you're unsure which free perks are in your package, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.>

Download the Perkbox app: iOS and Android to redeem your free perks.

<For Food & Drink / Premium package>

Don't forget to also download the Hey you (iOS & Android) and Messina app (iOS & Android) to redeem your free lunch & gelato.

Set a reminder to redeem your monthly lunch and gelato from Perkbox even if you don't use it right away. Once you get the voucher code from Perkbox and redeem it in the Hey You and Messina app, the $10 Hey You credit stacks and doesn't expire and with Messina, you can stack up to 6 scoops and it's valid for a year.

Enjoy your perks!


<sender's name>

Email 4

Subject line: Give your team mate a shout-out they deserve 🌟

Is there someone this week who has been an absolute star that you wish to thank? Or, has someone gone out of their way to help you? If you need inspiration on when you should give someone a shout out, here's a few prompts to check out.

Everybody deserves being recognised for their hard work! Whoever it is, head over to Perkbox Recognition (https://<domain-name>.perkbox.com/recognition/polls) and give someone a shout out for their support.

Here is a video to show you how to do this!



<sender's name>

Email 5

Subject line: Get maximum discount with gift cards

Hi everyone,

Take a second look at the digital gift cards in Perkbox. There's a couple of reasons why I think gift cards are awesome:

  1. You can use this in conjunction with other offers. So if you're able to score a good deal already, you can use the gift cards to get further discounts - very handy during sale seasons!

  2. You can input the exact value of gift card you want on all digital gift cards except 8 of them: Coles, Kmart, Ticketmaster, Harvey Norman, IKEA, Target, ASOS, Kayo Sports. So you can buy the exact amount you need and then use the gift cards to pay for the purchases so there's no balances and you get the discount straight off that. Eg. If you go to JB Hi-Fi and want to buy a headset for $102.30, you can buy a gift card for $102.30 and only pay $97.19 after a 5% discount.

Watch the video on how to redeem this


<sender's name>

Email 6

💡 This next email template relies on a survey being created by an Admin. Here's a quick video on how to set up an Employee Engagement survey. If you need further help with this please just let your Customer Success Manager know.*

Subject line: Can you spare 2 minutes? 📣

Hi everyone,

We want to hear your thoughts about various topics that affect you and your wellbeing at work. That’s why we have Perkbox Insights. It’s a fantastic tool to get your feedback anonymously so that we can provide the best working environment possible.

You will see the open survey in your Insights area so please take a look at it and let us know how you’re doing.

Here's a quick video to show you how it works!


<sender's name>

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