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Why is Insights being removed?

In order to improve our overall offering and how it supports your employee experience, we are refocusing our efforts into improving Perks and Recognition. We’re excited to announce new product features and updates in due course.

When is this going to happen?

We will be reaching out to the affected customers over the next few months with a specific date to expect this change. Your Customer Success Manager will be your go-to contact point and they will give you ample time to prepare for the changes.

How will this be reflected in my contract?

Your Customer Success Manager will be in touch with you to provide a revised contract and quote removing the cost of Insights, per your original contract. We understand that there may be questions and we want you to know we will be happy to review your options and help support you during this transition.

Where can I get my data?

An all-time PDF report can be pulled through the Insights product. However, upon request, your Customer Success Manager will also be able to provide you with a handover pack of your data via an Excel document. Just email if you are unsure who your Customer Success Manager is.

What key features will I still have access to?

These are some great features that are already available on the platform. As mentioned though, we do have exciting product updates coming your way. Stay tuned!

  • Customise my interests feature

  • Custom value redemptions in the Perks product, i.e. purchasing a gift card for the exact amount of your desired perk

  • All the perks you have existing access to, as well as future additional perks

  • Engagement campaigns including competitions and giveaways

  • Push notifications on the iOS and Android app

  • The ability to add your company benefits to the Perks product and feature them in your own lane

  • Customising your Culture Hub

  • An improved admin area

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