First and foremost, happy Q2! We can't wait to see all that you and your team achieve this coming quarter.

We've got a very exciting April, chock-a-block full with public holidays and celebrations. Starting in the very first week with Good Friday and Easter Monday, and ending with ANZAC Day. These days off are a great opportunity to take a step back and breathe, and relax a little after the rush that was Q1.

Spend this time with loved ones, and encourage your team to do the same. By the end of all the holidays, your team should be refreshed and ready to climb Q2.

As usual, do as much or as little as you want. Pick and choose activities that would resonate with your team.

Week 1: 1 - 9th April

Kick off your Office Sustainability and Happiness month!

Admin to-do list:

  • This month starts on a Thursday and Good Friday is immediately after. Treat your Thursday as a Friday and run your weekly poll with an April Fools theme; Who makes you laugh at work?

  • Get in the Easter spirit and keep kitchens supplied with chocolate eggs and hot cross buns

  • If your team is remote or still working from home, send them some Easter themed care packages. Use your Coles and Woolworths perk for 5% off office snacks, and Hamper Emporium (10% off) for your remote employees

  • Promote travel Perks for the long weekend. We have some great domestic travel Perks, and a poster for them here.

  • Wednesday the 7th of April is World Health Day. Encourage your employees to do a workout with Boxx, or if you’re working in-person with your team, organise a group workout at lunch. We also have posters to promote Fitbit and an overall health & fitness poster

Week 2: 12th - 18th April

Help your teammates celebrate Ramadan, and focus on positive thinking and gratitude

Admin to-do list:

  • Be sure to establish which of your teammates observe Ramadan. Communicate this to their teammates and ensure others are courteous about eating around them

  • Keep in mind that those observing may experience a change in energy levels during fasting hours, so make sure your team is mindful of this too. Feel free to use the email copy below

Hi Team,

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and are keen for an exciting Q2! This month is jam-packed with loads of exciting celebrations and opportunities to learn more about your teammates.

This week marks the beginning of Ramadan, I encourage anyone observing to please let myself and your teammates know, so that we can support you if and when you need it. I encourage those not observing to learn about Ramadan and what it means for our team members who are participating.

Those not observing, small things like eating your lunch away from your fasting teammate can make a huge difference.

Have a great start to your week!


  • Encourage gratitude by teaching your employees about the “10/10/10” list, a quick activity you can do daily to encourage positive thinking and gratitude.

The steps are simple, just make a list of:

  • 10 of your deepest desires

  • 10 things you’re most grateful for

  • 10 things you’re excited about

Here's some email copy we encourage you to send out:

Hi Team,

Welcome to week 2 of April, this is a reminder to carve some time out throughout your day to recenter yourself. Sometimes even a 5 minute break away from tools and screens can make a world of difference.

Download your free Blinkist reading app and the Aura meditation app and enjoy some extra self-lovin.

Keen to pick up a new mindfulness practice? Give a 10/10/10 list a try. These are a great way to think about what you’re grateful for, and encourage your own positive thinking. If you’re interested, at the start or end of your day, write down:

- 10 of your deepest desires
- 10 of the things you’re most grateful for
- 10 things you're excited about

Let me know if you do it! Happy self-lovin,


Week 3: 19th - 25th April

Earth Day and ANZAC Day in the same week!

Admin to-do list:

  • There are loads of things you can to do promote sustainability this week and ongoing moving forward. Turn off the lights in the office for one hour and encourage employees to work outside in the fresh air for that time. (If this isn’t possible - recommend that employees switch off their electricity for one hour in the evening, and continue doing this as often as possible-not just on Earth Day)

  • Encourage your team to to save 50% off a subscription to Space White’s environmentally friendly home and cleaning products, and 15% off Plant & Prospers sustainable zero-waste products. We have a mindful consumption perks poster which can be found here.

  • If you haven’t already, introduce recycling bins into the office

  • Take a look into your office waste, try to:

1. Use printer paper both back & front

2. Reuse packing envelopes and parcels

3. Use washable cloth tea towels in the kitchen

4. Ditch the post-it notes in favour of digital note apps

5. Encourage reusable cup use with the Plant & Prospect Perk mentioned above

  • Poll: Who's the biggest greenie in the office, what can you do to be more like them?

  • Create a ‘Buy Swap, Sell’ group in your Slack or Microsoft Teams chat to share items that would otherwise end up in landfill

Here’s some copy to send out:

Hey Team,

Happy Earth Week! While Earth Day may officially only be on Thursday, there are lots of things we could do year-round to look after our Mother Earth.

Here’s some things we can do to make sure we’re here for a good time and a long time!

- Turn off your electricity for one hour in the evening (use the 10% off Dusk candles perk on Perkbox)
- Recycle
- Use printer paper back and front
- Reuse packing envelopes and parcels
- Use washable cloth tea towels in the kitchen (not paper)
- Ditch Post-it notes, use a note app instead
- Reusable cups (save 15% off Plant and Prosper's sustainable zero-waste products)
- Clean green with your 50% off subscription to Space White's environmentally friendly home and cleaning products

Cheers everyone and happy recycling,


  • ANZAC Day- on Monday, supply the office with bickies using your 5% Woolworths Perk

Week 4: 26th - 30th April

April drawing to a close is the perfect time for teammates to thank and recognise one another for all that they do

The final week of April is all about recognising and rewarding your team for their hard work in the first month of Q2! If you can, encourage healthy-work life balance by offering your team a half work day on Monday, or extra hour lie in.

Admin to-do list:

  • Send out this email on Friday the 23rd informing your team of their half day on Monday, or extra sleep-in.

Hey Team!

Next Monday we're going to continue focusing on improving our work-life balance. I know a lot of offices talk about it, but we really want to practice what we preach.

So, we're asking you all to take the first half of the day on Monday off to relax. We hope you spend this time off sleeping in, catching up on a show you love, being active, or doing anything you love. Enjoy your morning off and we'll see you on Monday afternoon.

Have a happy & restful weekend,

  • Keep the employee love rolling with a Recognition Power Hour for Pay it Forward Day on the 28th. Send out a calendar invite for Power Hour

  • Use your Jimmy Brings 15% off Perk to supply the team with their favourite drink during the Power Hour. For alcohol-free workplaces, use your Woolies voucher to purchase the team's favourite lollies during power hour time

Hi Everyone,

It's been a month full of celebrations, and we're looking forward to keeping the party going this week, paying special and close attention to recognising teammates who go above and beyond to represent our values.

We will be celebrating Pay it Forward Day with a Recognition Power Hour on Wednesday. I’d like you to have a think about a teammate who has recently helped you out. Pay it forward with a Recognition and let them know how much you appreciate them!

On Friday we will be having a poll: Who from the team exemplifies one of our Company values most and why?

In the spirit of paying it forward, use your 15% off flowers and gifts from LVLY and make a co-worker, friend, or loved one's day. Or take someone you love to the movies with your 30% off Event Cinemas perk.
Let's show each other some extra appreciation next week!

Have a great start to your week,


And that's all folks, we hope you have a glorious April!

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