Welcome to August everyone, a month chocked full with loads of wonderful days to celebrate along with ways to kick your team’s Perkbox redemptions into high gear. Why not beat those winter blues with some farm and fuzzy feelings of Recognition too? No matter how you and the team choose to warm up this month, let Perkbox help you lead the way.

Note: We know that many of you are in lockdown at the moment, and we sincerely feel for you (our office is Sydney based). Take this time to encourage your team to reach out to each other daily and/or organise daily team catch-up calls at the end of day for 15 minutes. 15 minutes of face-to-face over Zoom can really make such a difference.

Week 1: August 1 - 8

Tradies National Health Month

Admin to-do list:

  • Share this poster with any parents on your team who are at home with their children during lockdown. We have some great perks to help aid in the difficult task of home-learning, improve sleep, and more.

  • August 1st marks the start of Tradies National Health Month, which raises awareness of the health and injury risks affecting those who work in trade occupations-among tradies themselves, their families, employers and the wider community.

  • If in office, show appreciation for the tradies on your team by hosting a ‘Tea for our Tradies’ breakfast using your Woolworths 5% perk to fill the office with some goodies.

  • ‘Keep Australia Beautiful Week’ is this month, along with a few other important charity days. Send around a Google Doc, and ask your team to choose or suggest a charity they'd like the office to contribute to.

  • Brainstorm with the team some fun initiatives that can raise money for the charity, whether it’s a competition over zoom, gold coin donation cupcake day, a wear jar, a positivity jar or something else.

  • Some fab environmentally friendly perks to promote to the team:

    • 10% off eco-certified home cleaning with Koh

    • 15% off sustainable switches with Plant and Prosper

    • $29 per week E-bikes from Zoomo

    • 1 month free to trace and offset your carbon footprint with Trace

Week 2: August 9 - 15

International Day of World's Indigenous People

Admin to-do list:

  • International Day of World's Indigenous People is on Monday, it recognises the achievements and contributions that Indigenous people make to improve world issues such as environmental protection. Read more here.

  • You and the team can help give back to First Nations owned businesses with your 20% Yarn Marketplace.

  • You can also observe this day by donating this month's charity money to a cause such as ‘The Nature Conservancy’ which works to support First Nations people to manage their land for conservation. This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to an environmental cause in honour of ‘Keep Australia Beautiful Week.’

  • August 10th is International Book Lovers Day- remind your team of their 10% Booktopia discount, or free Blinkist app (if relevant to you).

  • Remember Book Week as a kid? In the spirit of Book Lovers Day, invite your staff to come to work or your end of day Zoom wrap-up dressed as their favourite childhood book character.

Week 3: August 16 - 22

Keep Australia Beautiful

Admin to-do list:

  • ‘Keep Australia Beautiful Week’ begins on Monday. Do you have someone environmentally conscious on your team? Invite them to give a ‘Lunch and Learn’ on an environmentally friendly topic such as: ‘How to properly recycle in the office’. This can be done over Zoom or in-person and is a great way to get everyone together.

  • Game suggestion during lunch n learn: print lots of images of everyday rubbish (Bottles, paper, milk cartons, beer caps, pizza boxes) and create a game where team members have to get into teams and decide which rubbish bin the items go in.

  • Red Nose Day is on Thursday, the charity has put together an amazing guide for you to learn more about it, and how to raise awareness and funds to the cause at work. Whether it’s donating funds, wearing red noses or setting up Red Nose Day Games. Pick an activity that is right for your office, and raise some awareness for an amazing cause.

  • Please be mindful as members of your team may have been affected by the tragic loss of a child. Before organising your activities, please ensure you chat to those staff members and ask them what they are comfortable with.

Below is some email copy, feel free to share this with the team to prepare them for the week.

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re having a great start to your week.

Keep Australia Beautiful Week (link them information) begins next Monday, and the theme this year is about putting plastic in the spotlight as we try to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic to prevent it becoming litter.

In honour of this, I would like to invite someone to give a 'Lunch n Learn' on a relevant topic. I also have a little game planned that we could play to make it interactive. Please let me know if you would be interested in hosting the lunch n learn.

Red Nose Day is next Thursday (link them information), which aims to raise funds and awareness about infant death. There are plenty of ways to get involved, and you are welcome to participate in any or all of the activities I will be organising for the day. If you feel uncomfortable in any way about Red Nose Day, please let me know, I will ensure our participation is both meaningful and sensitive.

That’s all from me, have a great week!


Week 4: August 23 - 30

Daffodil Day

Admin to-do list:

  • International Strange Music Day is on Tuesday, did you know we recently added Sonos to our list of perks? Perkbox members get 15% off!

  • Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day is on the last Saturday of the month. To Cancer Council, and those affected by cancer, the daffodil represents hope for a cancer free future.

  • Here is how you and the team can get involved in Daffodil Day this year.

That's it from us, we didn't want to overload managers with ideas during a stressful time. Please get in touch with any questions, comments, or concerns. Remember to lean on each other during these trying times, and ask for help if needed. You got this.

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