Welcome to October! We’ve got a month filled with tricks and treats to boost Perkbox usage across the board, and lift those working from home spirits (pun intended).

We know loads of us are still working from home, so we’ve come up with lots of WFH or in-office tricks and treats to celebrate, from World Mental Health Day, all the way to Halloween. As always, use as many or as few recommendations from us as you like, and let us know if you have any questions/comments/feedback. Have fun!

Week 1: October 4 - 10th

World Mental Health Day

Admin to-do list:

  • Start your spring cleaning with some eco-friendly cleaning products. We’ve got a great list of discounts on cleaning products on the Perkbox app for those who want to improve their global footprint. Some examples:

  • If you’re in-office, put a power hour cleaning session in everyone’s diaries. Use your 5% Coles or Woolies Perk to purchase cleaning products. You can always do this from home too, by encouraging everyone to clean their workspace. Try to make this a monthly habit!

  • World Mental Health Day is on Sunday, below are some ideas to help support the mental health of your team, which is especially paramount during these times.

    • The Aura app (30% off or free depending on your package) is a fantastic way to help support your staff, and help relieve stress via their sleep stories, meditations, and more.

    • My Online Therapy (30% off) is another mental health support app, it’s a library of evidence-based therapy skills and techniques designed to improve and support mental wellbeing.

  • If possible, offer the team an early finish, or a late start on Friday, encouraging them to go outside for some fresh air and exercise.

  • This poster has more wellbeing perks to share with the team.

Email copy to send out to the team:

Hey everyone,

Happy October! This month is going to be a super fun one, and we've got lots of important days to celebrate in the lead up to Halloween!

Starting off the month we have Spring Cleaning Day. Whilst I know cleaning isn't the most exciting activity, it's a great way to clear out the old and make space for better things.

I really reccomend taking some time to clean your workspace, tidying the space giving and it a quick wipe down can make all the difference. Perkbox has some great discounts to use on eco-friendly cleaning products, as well as 5% off Coles and Woolworths.

World Mental Health Day is coming up at the end of the week, and I wanted to take the time to remind you all of your Aura app as well as My Online Therapy via Perkbox. This year has been very tough on all of us, which is why now is as good as any time to add that extra mental support into your daily routine.

That's all from me for now, have a great week!

Week 2: October 11 - 17th

World Food Day

Admin to-do list:

  • World Food Day is on Saturday, and we know that nothing brings a team together like a shared meal!

  • If you’re in the office, host a potluck lunch with a cultural twist. Assign each team member a different country to bring a dish from.

  • If you’re at home, pick a recipe and host a cook-a-long via zoom. A few days prior to the cook-a-long, simply pick a recipe and share it with your team (Perkbox Australia recently made this pasta recipe, it was so easy and DELICIOUS!)

    • Vegans can sub out the cheese for a plant-based alternative.

    • If you’re feeling extra fancy, make an invitation and recipe card on Canva and share it with the team.

  • The 15th is Thank the Boss Day, which is a perfect time to encourage staff to send a Recognition to whoever they report to, you could even use one of our gifting perks to get the boss something special:

Week 3: October 18th - 24th

International Nacho Day!

Admin to-do list:

  • Thursday is International Day of the Nacho- so obviously we think everyone should make nachos and eat them together during lunchtime.

    • If you’re in the office, go out and use your Woolies or Coles perk to buy some yummy nacho ingredients for lunchtime.

    • Alternatively (this works for teams at home or in-office) you could reward each staff member with an UberEats voucher, where they can choose from the Mexican restaurant of their choice. Yum!

  • Friday is International Gin and Tonic day. If your team is not alcohol-free, host a cocktail-themed end-of-day wrap-up, follow Jamie Olivers G+T recipe.

    • If there is budget for it, reward each staff member with a BWS or Dan Murphys voucher, encourage them to buy some cocktail-making ingredients, and host a little cocktail class on zoom. (Easy to do the same in office).

  • If the team is alcohol-free, (and even if they aren’t) here are some fun end of week activities to make the team smile:

  • Play 'Guess Whose Fridge', get everyone to send you a pic of the inside of their fridge, put together a slideshow on Canva and play Guess Whose Fridge like a game show, winner gets a prize of your choosing.

  • If the team is back in the office, take a cheeky Friday early mark to go grab an ice cream and sit in a nearby park. Fresh air and sugar is great for the soul!

Week 4: September 25th - 31st

Happy Halloween!

Admin to-do list:

  • We could all use some perking up at the moment, so why not make a big deal of Halloween! Who doesn’t like dressing up and eating delicious lollies? Halloween’s a great opportunity to loosen up a bit and have some fun with the team. Below are 2 different game plans depending on your office situation.

Halloween from Home:

  • Come up with a dress-up theme for every day of the week (or just on Friday) and encourage staff members to join a daily morning call where you can all show off your looks. Some ideas include:

    • Famous dead people

    • Under the sea

    • Heroes vs Villians

    • Wild West

    • Ancient Greece

    • 60s 70s 80s 90s or 00s

  • As Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, we recommend making Fridays end-of-week wrap-up Halloween-themed.

  • Create an end of week poll to vote for overall best dressed of the week (winner gets a $10 HeyYou voucher for those with Recognition package)

Halloween at the office:

  • Head to your local Woolies or Coles, and use your 5% perk to purchase some Halloween candy, and things to put around the office (fake spiders, fake webs, funny masks etc.)

    • Stay a little late at the office on Thursday to dress up the office and make it extra fun for the team when they walk in on Friday.

  • Play a spooky Spotify playlist all day, take suggestions from the team.

  • If possible, finish up work up an hour earlier on Friday, and play some Halloween-themed games together. Last year Perkbox Australia played ‘Find the gum in the cream’, instructions are as follows:

    1. Put a piece of gum on a plastic plate

    2. Spray the plate with a mountain of whipped cream

    3. Split the team up into pairs

    4. Challenge the pairs to find the gum in the quickest time WITHOUT using their hands

***This is a very messy but very fun game***

That's all from us, have a great October!

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