Happy November! Can you believe we're already here? We can't!

November is a super busy time for most businesses, a race to the finish line if you will. Between the flurry of deadlines and Holiday party planning, time is of the essence. But never fear! We've got you covered this month, with a November Culture Calendar packed with ways to boost Perkbox usage throughout the team and get in the Holiday spirit. What better time of year to remember all the discounts you have access to than the Holidays?

This Culture Calendar is here to be your guide through November, as always take as little or as much as you like, and let us know if there are any questions.

Week 1: November 1 - 7


Admin to-do list:

  • November marks the all-important month of Movember- as many of your know, Movember is all about supporting men's mental health both physically and mentally.

    • Why not host a Movember competition in your team? Take before and after pics and reward the winner. You could also place bets on the winner, making it more interactive and fun for the whole team (hair growers and non-hair growers)

    • We lose 60 men to suicide each hour worldwide, challenge a move for Movember challenge with the whole team walks 60km throughout the month. Find more info here.

    • Movember is the perfect opportunity to get the team around their Dollar Shave Club discount! Only $15 for a starter kit, and $10 off your second order.

      • You could even reward the winner of Movember with a Dollar Shave Club Kit!

  • Monday is World Vegan Day, which is a perfect opportunity to have a meatless Monday! Challenge the team to bring a meat-free lunch, or maybe even host a Vegan team lunch where everyone brings in a vegan dish.

    • If you're working from home, you can still encourage meatless Monday, your team could even have a vegan cook-a-long during lunchtime.

    • If you're not in the mood to cook, browse Perkbox's app to see which restaurants near you are offering vegan options. You'll get 20% off the final bill.

    • If there's the budget for it, and if you have Celebration Hub, you can send each team member a Choice gift card which they can use on their Meatless Monday Woolworths shop.

    • As world Vegan Day falls on the first Monday of November, I recommend sending out some comms to the team so that they can get prepped over the weekend.

Movember comms:

Hey everyone,

Happy November! As we work towards finishing this hectic year off on a high note, I wanted to make sure we're not skipping over some really important days to celebrate in November!

First up is Movember, I will be challenging the facial hair growers on our team to grow it out for Movember. Winner gets a Dollar Shave Club Kit using from Perkbox! I encourage each individual to raise money for Movember between their friends and loved ones too.

For those are less likely to grow a mo, let's walk 60km each over the course of the Month together. We lose 60 men to suicide each hour worldwide, so let's walk in support of Movember and this worthy cause. I will be creating a Google Sheet that allows us to track our daily distance. Winner gets a prize TBD!

Donations are welcome throughout the month, at the end of November i'll send all the proceeds to the Movember foundation.

That's all from me for now, get ready for an awesome month!


Week 2: November 8 - 14

World Kindness Day

Admin to-do list:

  • Monday is National Cappucino Day, take the team out for a coffee break, with, or without the discount.

    • Has it been a while since the office coffee/milk situation was discussed? Today is the perfect day to ask the team if they're happy with the current coffee stich, or if they'd prefer a switch up off brands and milk.

    • Remember that users on Perkbox's Food & Drink package have a $10 Hey You credit each month. Hey You has heaps of cafe options in most Australian states for you to get your free coffee.

  • Remembrance Day is observed on 11 November to recall the end of First World War hostilities. This year will be the 75th Anniversary of Remembrance Day.

    • On the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, a minutes’ silence is observed and dedicated to those soldiers who died fighting to protect the nation.

  • November 13th is World Kindness Day, if your team isn't too big, we recommend creating Compliment Envelopes.

    • Create an envelope for everyone on the team, put their name on it, and stick the envelopes to a wall or whiteboard that is somewhere a bit hidden.

    • Encourage each staff member to write a compliment about EACH staff member on a small note, and put it in the person's envelope throughout the day.

    • Invite each staff member to take their envelope home at the end of the day, and read all the wonderful things their teammates have said!

    • Larger teams who have Celebration Hub should take the time to send out Recognitions to their teammates via the hub.

Week 3: November 15 - 21

Holiday Blessing Bags

Admin to-do list:

  • If you're looking for a way for the office to give back this Holiday season, we think doing Holiday Blessing Bags is an awesome option.

    • Together with the team, discuss a charity or organization that your donations will go to this year.

    • Throughout the rest of November and December, encourage the team to bring in packaged foods, toys, toiletries, masks, hand sanitizer, sanitary products, socks, water, or anything you think an individual would want and need to receive during the Holiday period.

      • The following perks can help you save some $ on the blessing bags:

        • 7% off Priceline

        • 3% off Amazon

        • 5% off Coles

        • 5% off Woolworths

    • Dedicate an hour or two to get the team together to fill the bags and organize a drop-off at the organization you chose.

      • If you have the time for it, this can be done remotely by teammates sending their blessing bag purchases to your home address.

      • Alternatively, each teammate could be responsible for the creation and delivery of their blessing bag to their organization of choice.

    • Please see more information on Blessing Bags here.

Week 4: November 22 - 28

Black Friday

Admin to-do list:

  • Thursday is Thanksgiving, and whilst we know Thanksgiving is an American holiday, we love any opportunity to give thanks and share a meal with our teammates and friends.

    • Thanksgiving potlucks are the best way to get everyone together, so we recommend creating a list of traditional Thanksgiving items, and nominating each person on the team to bring one in, that's a surefire way to end up with a feast.

    • Thanksgiving can be done via zoom too, you can do a thanksgiving cooking evening, or even just a quick lunchtime cook-a-long of a thanksgiving inspired recipe.

    • Thanksgiving is also a perfect time as any to send some thanks out via Recognition.

    • If there is a budget for it, use your 10% off Hamper Emporium discount to send the team a hamper of goodies.

  • Friday is Black Friday, mark it in your calendar and make sure that your staff are aware of all the incredible discounts they have access to! With 200 + perks on the platform, and new ones being added weekly, there's truly something for everyone.

    • We will be running a competition this month for 2 x $250 Choice Gift Cards, so make sure the team's contact preferences are turned on, so that they don't miss out!

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