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Use our handy guide to get the most out of your Perkbox launch

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As launch day approaches, it's important to create a buzz for your Perkbox launch.

We've found companies who follow these steps consistently see better activation and engagement with their team over the long term.

πŸ•’ 2-4 weeks before launch

A few weeks before your launch, have a read through this guide and think about how you'll be announcing Perkbox.
Will you use in-house equipment to print posters, a local print-shop, or just share them electronically? If you're printing, it's worth doing it now - while time is on your side.

Here are a few teaser posters you can use to whet their appetite!

πŸ•’ 1 week before launch

A week or so before launch, we recommend pre-announcing Perkbox to everyone who will be lucky enough to get an account.
We've found the humble email to be the most effective form of communication for this - but if you use other tools (like Slack, Yammer or instant messenger), there's no harm in doing both.
We've put together some suggested wording for an announcement email, which you can copy and paste into a new email, whether you use Gmail, Outlook/365 or another tool. The most important thing is that the email comes from you, not a robot, so feel free to personalise it! πŸ€–

For your People Leaders, onboard them earlier as they have a massive influence in creating a Recognition culture.

Share this launch poster or print them out to put around the office.

πŸ•’ Launch day

Add your team members into the platform and send them a follow up email. In this email, you'll find a walkthrough video to take them around Perkbox, how to download the app and info about their free perks.

πŸ•’ 1 day post-launch

Check with your team members if they've received their welcome email and encourage them to activate their Perkbox account. If needed, re-send the follow up email to get them to download the app and start redeeming their free perks.

Follow our launch calendars to help build the team's engagement with Perkbox.

πŸ•’ 1 week post-launch

Team will need reminders to redeem their free perks - use this sample email to remind them and continue to follow our launch calendars to help build the team's engagement with Perkbox.

Your Customer Success Manager will give you updates on who has activated or not to help you get those engagement up!

πŸ•’ Ongoing engagement

Your team will get weekly perk updates from us as new perks are added to the platform every week. Your Customer Success Manager will also give you regular updates on new perks and promotions, but feel free to choose a different Perk of the Week/Month to promote to the team.

See our "how to" help articles to support your team's ongoing engagement with Perkbox from increasing perks participation to encouraging peer to peer recognitions and addressing feedback from your Employee Engagement survey.

We also continue to add new case studies, e-books and culture calendars into our resources library - bookmark this link for easy future access.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you're stuck - we're always here to help!

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