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A few more poll ideas you can run in the team

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Polls are great because it's versatile and you can ask any questions as a reason to recognise someone in the team. They also encourage peer to peer recognitions and it also has the positive effect of different people being recognised at the same time so not the same people are recognised all the time.

There are plenty of poll ideas that are native on our platform to get you started - here's a refresher on how to create a poll. But it's also fun to create your own and there's no right or wrong when you're creating a poll. Be creative and have fun with it. But if you're wanting new poll inspirations, read on...

A few tips to create new recognition polls:

  • Based your recognition poll on a theme. Eg: R U Okay Day and The Rock Award where you recognise people who always has your back and is ready to lend a helping hand and gives you a great advice when you need it most

  • Is there a behaviour you notice that needs to be improved in the team? Eg: If you noticed a few team members only care about their own work and there's lack of collaboration or teamwork, highlight Collaboration / Teamwork in a poll and take the opportunity to recognise team members who are doing it to influence the rest of the team

  • Has the team been working really hard and still giving good vibes? Recognise and reward team members in a poll. Eg: Everyone has been working super hard. Who in the team has put in their all with no complaint and brings their positive energy to get things done?

  • Be specific with your industry or what you do. Eg. If your business is in Construction, create a poll around safety or who's the best at using their protective gears. If you're in Healthcare, create a poll on best bedside manner. If you're in Education, run a poll on the best wrangler or cat herder.

Here are some recognition polls you can use:

Tried and tested with with the Perkbox community...

  • Who's a keen bean? Who has come into work every day this week ready to seize the day? Who's been offering help, learning new things, and all round just putting their head down and getting it done!?

  • Who's been a delight to work with? Our workplace sometimes feels like a battlefield, we all go through wins and losses, sometimes we're stressed and sometimes we're on cloud 9 so who do you want in your army?

  • Who has moved the boat faster? We've stormed, normed and performed, it's been real. Who's been your key crew this month? Who's helped steer the ship in the right direction? Vote for the person who's impressed you.

  • Who is the biggest improver? Who in the team has shown the most growth in their time at <company>? From not knowing the lingo when they joined to now being an absolute legend in their role.

  • Keeping us young. Who brings the youth to our culture? Who keeps us young at heart with their personality and outlook on life?

  • On the rise. Who has a promising trajectory? Who is on the up and up and will reach their goals with some grit, determination and perseverance?

  • Who has brought the VIBEZ this week? If they were a song, who has been stuck in your head all day, jamming out to your favourite tune? Who has brought the PIZAZZ and the MAGIC to the office/slack channels this week? Give them a vote and push them up the billboard charts!

  • If <company name> was a ship, who's been your Captain Jack Sparrow? It's been a stormy month. The ship has lost some precious cargo, the world is still a bit broken, and we're essentially confined to a (large) island. Who has been your Captain/first mate? Who has kept the spirits high and the Ship on track for great success?

  • Diva with a fever. Who has just been fabulous - go wild and be generous with your words.

  • The courageous colleague. Courage is grace under pressure. Courage is the commitment to begin without any guarantee of success. Courage is going into battle with a peer no matter how great the challenge. We see courage every day at <company name>. Who has been your courageous colleague?

  • Who has impressed you with something new this week? Could be the speed of consuming a schooner or revolutionising their department processes - let me hear you!

  • Jack of all trades. Jack of all trades or some serious MacGyver skills. Who has been wearing many different hats and is the first to help someone out regardless of their roles to help us succeed?

  • Optimism. Through these tough times optimism will win. Who has gone out of their way to avoid getting bogged down in negativity and always looks for the positives - the silver linings - the cup-half-full moments?

  • Hero. Who's been your hero this week? Who has given you help when you were in a pinch?

  • The Pharrell Award. While great on his own, Pharrell is known best for his collabs! Nominate your fav collaborator in this poll.

  • Better together. Like cookies and milk, tea and TimTams, work just becomes better by working with this person. Vote for them in the poll!

  • The Knowledge Bearer: Who in the team is always willing to share their knowledge and ready to teach us something new? You always have a valuable interaction with them and learn a thing or two after every conversation.

Here's a few more polls that are super relevant if working remotely:

  • Champion and slick. Who has helped you out, sent you a lovely random message to brighten your day or simply answered all of your annoying questions via Slack/Teams/Zoom?

  • Best WFH station. Who's got the jazziest WFH set-up?

  • Coffee / Tea monster. Who's already had 10 cups of tea or coffee today? #wfh #noquequeforkettle #getyourownmilk

  • Best dressed. Who perked you up with their outfit today?

  • Sneaky Edition. Everyone was working away to make this month AMAZING! But who was the SNEAKSTER? Who was your go-to for some sneaky advice or a helping hand or who gave you a sneaky wink over zoom to say, "Hey mate, I'm here for you"? We all need that sneaky colleague to lean on behind the scenes

  • Who has given you the most support this week? COVID is hard. WFH is hard. Who has given you the best support?

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