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Partnering with your local businesses
Partnering with your local businesses

Use our custom rewards and work with local businesses

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Are you interested in supporting your local businesses? One great way to do this is to partner with them and use this as a custom reward for your team.

Here's an email template you can use or tweak as you see fit to invite them as your partner:

Hi <name of business owner, if you don't know their name: To whom it may concern>,

My name is <XX> and I look after <X> in <company X>. We're located in X and I'm reaching out to you to see if you're interested to become one of our local business partner as a reward for our employees. Since we're looking to partner long term and would be buying in bulk, any special discounts / offers would be helpful.

Here's how it could work:
1. If you have gift cards, we can buy a set amount from you in advance to reward our team members.
2. We could work on a 'tab' system where our employees would make a booking and get your goods / services and you can invoice us at the end of every month.

If you're interested or have ideas for an alternate arrangement, please email me back or call me on 04xx xxx xxx.

Looking forward to your reply.

<sender's name>
04xx xxx xxx

Once you've locked in your partner, be clear on how your employees can get their reward. When you give this as a custom reward, there'll be a space there for your message and redemption instructions.

Hope you get loads of great offers from your local businesses!

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