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You've signed up to what? It's time to customise your Perkbox platform and get ready to launch with a bang

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📩 Whitelist our IP Address

We know this is a dull one (which is why we've put it first). It's super important that your IT team whitelist our IP address before launch so your firewalls and spam filters don't block our welcome emails from being sent to your team.

Heres how to do it:

As an Outlook user you can add our domain(s) to your safe senders list. Or as a network administrator at your company, you can whitelist our marketing IP address(es) to ensure emails are delivered.

Here's a handy message you can forward to your IT team:

Hey IT team, 

We are launching Perkbox to the team very soon. They will be sending a few communications through and we need to ensure that they are not caught in spam filters.

Please could you whitelist:



IP Address


Thanks for your help,

🎨 Company logo and branding colours

To constantly reinforce you, as a great employer, we'll use your logo and colour within email communications to your team and within the Perkbox product on the web, mobile and mobile app.

To add your logo and colour scheme navigate to:

  1. From your home page, click on ADMIN

  2. Select SETTINGS



  5. Customise your logo and your brand colours

✉️ Your welcome email

When you invite your team to Perkbox, they'll receive a welcome email. Customise the content of the welcome email to make it more aligned with your ethos. To edit your welcome email:

  1. From your home page, click on ADMIN

  2. Select SETTINGS



  5. Customise your welcome email there, or use ours!

😍 Your company values

If you're using our Recognition product you can add your corporate values to Perkbox; allowing your team to align recognitions and polls to the values you want your team to be embodying.

Follow steps one to three from the above section about changing your logo to navigate to the CUSTOMISE page.

  1. From your home page, click on ADMIN

  2. Select SETTINGS


  4. Select COMPANY VALUES and ADD 

➕ Your company benefits

Perhaps you already offer your team benefits like subsidised gym membership, novated car leasing or private medical insurance. If so, you can add them to Perkbox and keep everything under one roof.

How to add company benefits:

  1. From your home page, click on ADMIN

  2. Select SETTINGS



On the next pop up, you'll be asked to provide important info or steps on how to redeem the benefit. You can add as many steps as you like.

Click SAVE to finish.

🔥 Tip: You can review and archive company benefits by selecting VIEW ALL.

👯 Your teams

If you're using Recognition or Insights, you'll want to use Teams. Within Insights, you'll be able to view engagement scores and comments by team to help you identify areas that need your attention. In Recognition, teams can be used for team-specific polls and for team-by-team leaderboards.

  1. From your home page, click on ADMIN 

  2. Select TEAMS and CREATE A TEAM

🔥 Tip: an individual employee can be in many teams. We recommend utilising team to separate your employees by logical groups like: country / region / job function / seniority level. If you're not sure which teams to create feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

🤝 Manage access levels for Recognition

Sometimes you may want some people (like a manager) to have a higher level of access to Recognition than others. For times like that, navigate to your admin page, as we did at the beginning of this article.

This time, click SETTINGS.


Each section has a drop down form. This is where you can select settings for each section.

When you have completed your selections, a pop up will appear.

Select UPDATE PERMISSIONS to confirm any changes you've made.

You're all set up - now it's time to put your marketing hat on. Perkbox is best launched into an excited team who knows what Perkbox is, and why they've got access to it.
We'll give you everything you need to build the buzz in your team.

To help you spread the joy we have a bank of teaser emails and posters that you can share in your newsletter, Facebook, Whatsapp, internal email, etc. 

Find some inspo for teaser emails you can send around to start to build a buzz.

...And here you can find our Marketing Toolkit; full of posters and flyers to support you in launching Perkbox. 

🔥 Tip: Over the years, after launching 7,000+ customers we've learnt some nifty tips and tricks that help support a great Perkbox launch - see our tips & tricks.

Now that your platform is up and running and your team is primed, it's time to invite the team.

You have 3 different options to invite your employees to the platform:

  • In bulk

  • One by one

  • Self sign up with a code

Inviting your people by in bulk via CSV (read more)

Recommended if you know their email addresses. We suggest getting an export from your HR or Payroll system.

⚠️ Warning: as soon as you upload your employees they'll receive their welcome emails.

Allow your people to sign-up themselves (read more)

Recommended only if you don't know your employees' email addresses

Allow your people to sign-up themselves (with Single Sign On)

Only available to enterprise customers. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if this option is of interest.

Create your first Recognition poll (read more)

Follow our step by step guide to create a Recognition poll.

What is a Recognition poll?

A poll is a really simple but powerful way of identifying top talent and performers. A poll is an open ended question which employees vote on to pick a winner. 

When the poll closes the person with the most votes is the winner and is published in the activity feed.

Create your first Employee Engagement Survey (read more)

Follow our step by step guide to create an Engagement Survey.

What is an Employee Engagement survey?

Use our simple pulse survey approach to collect continuous, confidential employee feedback... effortlessly.

  1. Regularly check-in with your employees using our library of employee engagement questions (based on the most up-to-date research)

  2. Gather real-time, confidential feedback on the areas of your organisation that matter most

  3. Easily track your company's strengths and weaknesses with our visual dashboards

If you still need help, our Customer Success team are always on hand to help. 

Get in touch at

We hope you have a successful launch and that your team are excited to join our family. 

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