As the team is settling back into the office and readjusting back to normality, it's a great time to be pushing a wellness initiative. Perkbox has a whole host of perks to support your team's mental and physical fitness. An idea could be to break it down into weeks:

WEEK 1: Mental health awareness week

Run a Custom Survey to get a temperature check and to remind your team that their wellbeing is your #1 priority.

Remind them about their Premium subscription to their new meditation app which isn't just for them either, it's for the family too.

If you have AURA

Aura has some features that will be super beneficial for you, your partner or your children. Some of these include:

If you have AURA

Mindfulness meditations, stories, life coaching, and so much more

With thousands of empowering & resonating audio tracks, Aura has just what you need every day, and constantly learns what works for you.

Your daily moment of mindfulness and self-care

No matter how busy you are, create a daily ritual for your emotional health with tracks as short as 3 minutes, and up to an hour.

WEEK 2: Keeping fit

A healthy body can often help lead to a healthy mind. It has been proven that exercise can:

  • Make you feel happier

  • Help with weight loss

  • Increase energy levels

  • Improve brain health and memory

As part of Perkbox's wellbeing offering, remind the team that they have totally free access to a premium fitness app Boxx.

With Boxx, a healthier, happier lifestyle is just a click away. With full access to their online workout platform, you'll be able to exercise anytime, anywhere, absolutely free. From a 7 minute yoga video to a 45 minute HIIT class, it's your fitness your way.

If you're new to fitness and want to track your progress, why not buy a Fitbit for 20% off to keep you motivated.

WEEK 3: Feed your soul

Eating the right foods is as important as exercising regularly.

Eating the wrong foods can cause:

  • Disease

  • Depression

  • Overall bad health

As part of Perkbox's wellness offering, you have discounts on Hello Fresh, Snackwize and many more - Healthy eating

WEEK 4: Look after those around you

"Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle you know nothing about."

Let's look out for each other, it's a very strange time and it affects people differently. Remote working or scattered workforce means hard work can go under the radar.

Recognise someone today for something big or small to make their day.

Need a refresher? Check out this article here.

Need some recognition inspiration? See our recognition prompts here - great to share with your People Leaders to encourage a recognition culture in your organisation.

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