Random Acts of Kindness is on Nov 4, but kindness shouldn't be limited to just a day, so we'll be celebrating all month long!

We'll be sending surprises throughout the whole month to do our part in making everyone's day feel special so make sure your team has downloaded their app and enable their push notifications so they don't miss out!

Here's a few ideas on how you can share the joy of kindness in the team.

Week 1: Be kind to a teammate (Nov 2 - Nov 6)

Hi everyone,

Nov 4 marks the day where we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness (RAK). At <company name>, I'd like to think that we are always kind to each other and we're going to dial this up this month!

This week's theme is about being kind to a team mate. Here's how you can join in the fun:

- Redeem your free Domino pizza from Perkbox today (4 Nov). You have to redeem the free perk today but you have 12 months to redeem the pizza. Go go go!

- We've created a Celebration Tag for Random Acts of Kindness, so every time you send a recognition to someone, make sure you tag it with RAK. Don't forget to also tag 'AllStaff' in your recognition so everyone in the team can celebrate along with you

- It's tools down on Wed 4 Nov from 3-4pm. During this hour, we encourage you to stop work, and spend that time writing thank you notes to team members you have received kindness from. It's great to practice a little gratitude. Perkbox has given me a heads up that there'll be RAK from them too if you recognise someone this week - good luck!

- There's a live POLL for you to vote in. It closes on Friday 5pm so get voting here: <insert poll link from platform>

- Don't forget you can give a random act of kindness too. Give a team mate a nice surprise like a succulent for their desk or a movie ticket for the weekend. <attach posters>

Have fun!

<sender's name>

Posters to attach to the email: RAK Perks for Team Mate 1, RAK Perks for Team Mate 2, Recognition competition

What you need to do as an Admin:

  • Send the above email or tweak it to your heart's content

  • Create a celebration tag for Random Acts of Kindness

  • Set up a Recognition Power Hour for 30 minutes - 1 hour to give everyone in the team time to send recognitions to each other. People Leaders should take this time to say thanks and recognise their team's hard work and achievement

💡TIP: Add a group email as a user in the platform (eg.allstaff@companyname.com.au) where everyone in the team is added to this mailing list. Every time someone does a recognition, tag this group email and everyone in the team will get an email and you all can celebrate together!

  • Surprise and delight your team members by sending them a surprise reward. Perkbox has a huge range of small (like Boost Juice, Domino Pizza, movie tickets) or big ($50 Woolies, $100 Endota Spa gift cards) rewards. You can even give the team a custom reward such as an early finish or a free leave so it doesn't have to be costly!

  • Create a recognition poll: Lifts you up. Who in the team always makes you feel better when you have a rough day? Or someone who always asks how you are and takes the time to listen?

Week 2: Be kind to yourself (Nov 9 - Nov 13)

Hi everyone, 

Thanks for participating in RAK last week. This week is all about you. We all know that when we're less than our best, we can't give the best of ourselves to our family, friends and colleagues. So this week is all about self-care and doing things that makes you happy.

If you haven't already, make sure you redeem your free perks this week <delete as appropriate>:
- Free lunch at any participating Hey You restaurants
- Free gelato from Messina - awesome in this warm weather!
- Free delivery with Menulog - perfect for thoze lazy nights in
- Free Aura premium subscription or free Calm premium subscription for your mental wellbeing
- Free Magpie and Blinkist premium subscription for your ongoing learning
- Free Boxx to keep you healthy

Perkbox also has lots of self-care (or self-indulgent) perks available such as Blys, Crabtree & Evelyn, BCF, JB Hi-Fi, EB Games, etc - there's something for everyone.

<insert the posters>

If you're giving a surprise reward to the team, this is a great time to announce it on this email too.

<sender's name>

Posters to attach to the email: RAK all about you 1, RAK all about you 2

What you need to do as an Admin:

  • Send the above email or tweak as you see fit

  • Surprise and delight your team members by sending them a surprise reward. Time is often the most prized reward for many team members, so if you can give custom reward like a free leave or 1/2 day off, your people will really appreciate this.

Week 3: Be kind to a friend (Nov 16 - Nov 20)

Hi everyone,

We can all agree that 2020 has been a hard year and many people are still riding that up and down Corona-coaster.

This week is about being kind to your friends or colleagues. Bring a smile to their face and get them something nice!

<insert posters>

<sender's name>

Posters to attach to the email: RAK Friend 1, RAK Friend 2

What you need to do as an Admin:

  • Send the email above or tweak as you see fit. Don't forget to attach the posters!

Week 4: Get ready for Christmas (Nov 23 - Nov 30)

Did you say Christmas? Yes, yes we did. Christmas is 4 weeks away! To help, we've put together a Gift Buying Guide to help everyone get their Christmas shopping in order.

Hi everyone, 

So...Perkbox reminded me that Christmas is just 4 weeks away. Eeeek!

If you're like me, who often forgets what I did on the weekend, much less have started my Christmas shopping, you're in luck!

Perkbox has prepared a Gift Buying Guide to get all of your Christmas shopping in order. It's a handy guide to help you get what your dad, mum, partner, brother, sister, cousin, grandpa, neighbour, bird, cat...might want, saving you money and brain power in the process.

Happy shopping!

<sender's name>

Gift buying guide to attach to the email.

What you need to do as an Admin:

  • Send the above email or tweak as you see fit

  • Start thinking about what you want to give to your team this Christmas. It's been a hard year, it'll be nice for everyone to get a little something if the budget allows. See our rewards range and here's how to give bulk rewards.

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