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How to add or deactivate your employees
How to add or deactivate your employees

​Perkbox has four easy ways to add employees

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Adding employees to Perkbox is simple, with four different methods allowing you to choose which way works best for your needs.

⚠️ Warning: Adding users will automatically trigger the welcome email – don't add anyone before your launch date or this will ruin the surprise!

First things first.... Let's set up your teams. 

If you're using Recognition or Insights, you'll want to use Teams. Within Insights, you'll be able to view engagement scores and comments by team to help you identify areas that need your attention. In Recognition, teams can be used for team-specific polls and for team-by-team leaderboards.

  1. From your home page, click on ADMIN

  2. Select TEAMS and CREATE A TEAM

🔥 Tip: an individual employee can be in many teams. We recommend utilising team to separate your employees by logical groups like: country / region / job function / seniority level. If you're not sure which teams to create feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Inviting individuals 

Inviting individuals is good for small teams, adding another team member as Admin or for when you need to add someone who has recently joined your team.

  1. From your home page, select ADMIN 




Fill in the profile with the team member's details before clicking ADD, then you're done!

🔥 Tip: This option is great for adding individuals to an existing team.

Inviting in bulk

🔥 Tip: Before you start you'll need to have a .csv file with columns for:

  • first name

  • surname

  • email address 

  • team (optional)

  • access level (optional - admin, manager, user)

Inviting in bulk is great for when you're first setting up, have a large number of employees, and want to add everyone simultaneously.

Let's get started. 

  1. From your home page, select ADMIN 

  2. Select ADD NEW PEOPLE in the top right hand corner 

  3. Click IMPORT A CSV FILE and import your file  

3. Review the format to ensure columns are matched correctly. 

4. Finally, select INVITE PEOPLE.  It's that simple!

🔥 Tip: This option is ideal for adding a large group to a team.

Inviting by a secret link

Inviting by a secret link is good when you don't have the email addresses of all the employees in the business. This way, you can let employees know the link they can visit in their own time to add themselves to your Perkbox account.

Make your employees feel special by sending them a secret code to Perkbox. 

  1. From your home page, select ADMIN. Click ADD NEW PEOPLE, followed by the option Allow people to create their own profiles. 

  2. Now, opt for Set up by secret code. Here, you can choose a code, enter your employee's details and an email body. 

After you have saved, you will see a shareable link appear at the top of the page. Send this link to your employees. From there, they will be able to make their own profiles.

Setting up Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAML

This is a generic guide for configuring federated user authentication using an Identity Provider that supports SAML 2.0 to Perkbox as the Service Provider to establish user Single Sign On. See the full guide.

Deactivating a user

If you've recently got a team member who left the business and need to deactivate their Perkbox account, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Perkbox platform

  2. Go to ADMIN > PEOPLE > enter your 2FA code

  3. Click VIEW on the team member's name you'd like to deactivate


Unsubscribing a user

If you would like to unsubscribe from our email list, simply scroll to the bottom of any of our email communications and click unsubscribe.

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