Over half of the working population are Millennials. Just like other generations, they have a different way of working and engagement drivers to their predecessors. 

One of the most important motivational drivers for Millennials is to be recognised and appreciated for their work. If they're not getting this, then they will leave to work for an organisation that will satisfy that need. 

So, how can Perkbox help to create a Recognition culture in an organisation?

Here are our top 5 tips:

1. Make Recognition a priority (especially if you're a People Leader)

This means carving out a time once a week to reflect and identify those positive behaviours or outcomes from the team worth recognising. Make it a priority in your busy schedule to appreciate your team and colleagues. 

For example, you can implement a Recognition power hour in the business where between 3 - 4pm every Friday the whole business do at least one recognition to another person in the business. The more you embed Perkbox into the operating rhythm of the business, the stronger your Recognition culture becomes.

If you need some inspiration, check out these Recognition prompts to help you and your People Leaders acknowledge the team's good work.

2. Make Recognition an agenda item in your regular team catch-ups

We often hear the feedback that "the team has been really busy, there hasn't been time to do recognition". We get it - work comes first, however positive affirmations will help the team to push harder and give them the energy they need to do more. So when you next have your regular team catch-up, set aside 5 mins in your agenda for Perkbox. Get the team to do recognition for each other or for anyone in the business. 

3. Implement Team Member of the Month program

Create a regular poll based on your company values (one value each month) or use the poll library questions readily available in Perkbox. Polls prompt teams to recognise their team members and it also helps them to recognise a wide variety of people so not the same people are recognised all the time. 

Create a poll schedule (download your template here) and put a reminder in your diary. In your team communication, remind your team members one day before the poll closes to get everyone voting. Apply a rule that they have to vote in order to win a poll. Add a reward to your poll winner.

4. Do Recognition regularly, strategically and consistently

Recognition is a habit loop - the more you recognise your team for those good behaviours you want them to demonstrate, the more they will do it because they crave that positive affirmation. 

Ad-hoc shout-outs, rewarding tenure or acknowledging birthdays are great, but when you're wanting to create a Recognition culture, irregular recognitions just won't cut it. Recognition must be done strategically and consistently. Link recognitions to those behaviours that support your business goals and values and you'll see behavioural shifts that drive growth, innovation and great performance. If you can rally your leadership team to provide recognitions for their team, it becomes even more powerful. 

5. Reward your team when they recognise other people

We're not saying you have to reward every single person, but a surprise reward to those people who have participated in the poll or have taken the time to recognise their team members should be encouraged. 

Perkbox has a range of small and big rewards, so you can really be flexible depending on your budget. Even better if you can get the team to tell you what kind of rewards they like and give them a personalised reward. Remember that you can also add a custom reward in Perkbox and it's not limited to monetary rewards. One of the most successful rewards from our customers are early marks, late starts, creating their own shifts or extended lunch breaks. Be creative and find that sweet spot for your team.

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